Re: I'm scheduled to see a pain management doctor

From: Tish (
Tue Jul 30 10:48:26 2002

Hi Christine, Hope you are feeling ok today..I am in Pain Management, and doing pretty well on it..My Dr put me on The Duragesic patch with Lorcet Plus for Breakthrough...i think i need my dosages adjusted now ..but for the most part i am doing very well...with this program. I would advise you to print a bunch of info from this site to take with you..I took a copy of THE PAIN PATIENTS BILL OF RIGHTS and some other things with me..but i didnt really need them as my Dr had a copy hanging on his wall..But your best chance of being treated as you need to to be as well informed as you can be and teach your Dr if you have to. Just ask away if you have any other questions for me..feel free to email me at any time and i will do my best to help you all i can. Hugs and Love To You. Tish

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