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From: Kelly Murray (
Mon Jul 29 23:17:07 2002

I would like to also add that a lot people that have suffered from chronic pain for a while usually end up suffering with a mild to severe case of depression and some times it is hard to except. I think once that you except that you are suffering with depression from chronic pain, it can be a relief and then you can get some help from your doctor. Most (good) Drs. know that chronic pain can cause depression and can usually pick up on signs that you are depressed or please ask for help. Treating the pain helps depression and treating depression helps the pain. I don't like all of the meds myself but I guess if it will help with it all then I guess it's worth it. Kel -------Original Message------- From: Date: Monday, July 29, 2002 21:46:15 To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Subject: Suspicions / Depression Suspicions / Depression

People have been warned to be wary or suspicious when interacting with
strangers on the Internet, right?  After don't know me...and I don
t know you.  

Another reason is:  People, who suffer from adhesions have learned to be
suspicious;  because of all the traumatic situations they have had to face.
Many have been treated badly by not only doctors - but also by family and

They've been so demoralized by the way they've been treated - that many
become suspicious of almost everyone - and slip into a depression, as a

Anyone, who suffers from severe chronic pain, is vulnerable to depression.
If you are experiencing severe chronic pain - and your mood is one of "gloom
and doom" - you may quite possibly be experiencing a depression.  

Depression is treatable!!  Don't be afraid to seek help for your depression.

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