Suspicions / Depression

From: Helen Dynda (
Mon Jul 29 22:36:35 2002

Suspicions / Depression

People have been warned to be wary or suspicious when interacting with strangers on the Internet, right? After don't know me...and I don't know you.

Another reason is: People, who suffer from adhesions have learned to be suspicious; because of all the traumatic situations they have had to face. Many have been treated badly by not only doctors - but also by family and friends.

They've been so demoralized by the way they've been treated - that many become suspicious of almost everyone - and slip into a depression, as a result.

Anyone, who suffers from severe chronic pain, is vulnerable to depression. If you are experiencing severe chronic pain - and your mood is one of "gloom and doom" - you may quite possibly be experiencing a depression.

Depression is treatable!! Don't be afraid to seek help for your depression.

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