The Medical Profession Has Evolved From....

From: Helen Dynda (
Mon Jul 29 21:47:55 2002

The doctor of the 20th century / The doctor of the 21st century.

There IS that element of both respect and trust that people have for their doctor(s); but times have changed - and changed drastically!! With the controls place on doctors by government insurance programs (Medicare, HMOs, etc.) - doctors are being told how they should do their job and all sorts of restrictions have been placed on them - especially in the case of the medical insurance programs!!

These are my thoughts. If you would like to add yours, please feel welcomed to do so.

XX> The Medical Profession Has Evolved From:

1.) The doctor of the early 20th century...

.....made house calls

.....was readily available for emergency situations

.....was a friend to his patients

.....was respected and trusted by his patients.


2.) The doctor of the 21st century... restricted as to how much time he/she can spend with each patient regulated by Gatekeepers (medical insurance of all kinds) - regarding procedures (diagnostic / surgical) he/she can request for a patient required to purchase very expensive mal-practice insurance

.....was trained to not become emotionally involved with patients

.....has lost the respect and trust of many patients

..... is NOT revered by many of his/her patients!!

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