Re: Sally-staples and stitches

From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Jul 29 21:43:37 2002

My dear sweet Chrissy, just between us and the whole world, maybe you should let the doctor take out your stiches LOL Rolling on the floor laughing actually. LOL No insult intended, but the doctor is a long ways away and I do all the animal medical care, or most of it anyway, plus lots of other things so it seemed perfectly natural. But Please everyone, don't start playing doctor, just because I'm an idiot. Love ya Chrissy.

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Hi Sweet Sally, How are you feeling these days my sweet, special, friend? I pray that you are doing better. Anymore thoughts on surgery? I do feel better after my "clean out" - I have dull pain, but I certainly can live with it. If I have to have pain, I'll take this dull pain. You took out your own staples and stitches? How did you take out your stitches? I need to have a lesson on that............ Love ya Sally, ~Chrissie xo's I've always taken out my own staples and stiches. I thought everyone = did. No? Love, Sally

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