Chantale from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Jul 29 20:18:06 2002

Dear Chantale, Hi, it's Sally, how are you? Dumb question Huh? Anyway, Both oxycontin and percocet made me nauseous at first and then it got better but it was still at an unacceptable level, so I'm taking other pills as needed, not very often, that eliiminate the acid buildup in my stomach. They work. But I'm nauseous right now, but better than agony.

I just saved a baby hummingbird that had come through the windows and was trying to get out of the skylights. I put it between two brooms and then was scared I'd broken it's tiny little leg, because it was off to the side and not moving. I took it outside and held it up and waited and waited and finally, after looking me in the eye, it flew off, both wings working perfectly. Sometimes, nice things happen.

Joe is still the same. He seems to know what is going on though. He is reacting with seizures and distress to the acupuncture he is on. The people doing it say that this is normal, but I don't know. When I had acupuncture, it didn't hurt. His mother and I have talked it over and we don't know what to do, so if anyone knows a really good acupuncturist who has performed acupuncture on a critically brain damaged young person in a coma, please let us know if you think it is normal to have him resist it so much. I know that's a lot to ask, because you have no way of knowing the situation,but in general, should it hurt?

Love and blessing, Sally

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