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From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Jul 29 20:26:57 2002

Lillian, the only people who have had spaygel have had it since Jan. 2002, when they started using it in Europe. No one has had it for more than a year, so unfortunately your question can not be answered yet. I'd like to know too. We all would. I don't think that I am going to wait a year though. I think I'm going to Germany as soon as I can get it together. And I know surgeries cause surgeries, but laproscopic ones are pretty good and I've waited and suffered and suffered and waited and I believe in spray gel, maybe that's stupid. I don't know. But I'm more than ready at this point. Love and gentle hugs, Sally

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I have used the following code to distinguish " who said what." L.> = Lillian's message......and H.> = Helen's response.

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L.> Helen, I have a question. Did you have surgery in Germany with spraygel? What was the outcome? Hasn't it been some months and I want to know if it was successful?

H.> Yes, Dr. Korell performed my surgery (plus a second look) in January 2002. It has been a little over 6 months since my January 2002 surgery; and since then, I have NOT felt the return of adhesions. It really is too soon to evaluate the success of both the surgical procedure and the adhesion barrier that was used!! Recovery from most post surgical procedures generally takes about a year (more or less).

H.> Someone has to be willing to be a part of the human clinical research that is being done in the USA regarding SprayGel; and I think we all need to be very grateful that there are people, who are willing to take the risk of participating in clinical trials. These people, to me, are making the supreme sacrifice. It's these people, who help advance medicine's knowledge - in this case knowledge as to the performance of SprayGel.

L.> I myself would like someone to come accross and tell us it's been a year or so many months and I am still painfree with the use of spraygel. I hear people who went to Germany and had spraygel but I want to hear long term effects. Could someone please secure that answer for us?

H.> Lillian, it is too soon to evaluate long-term effects!! You said: "I am still painfree with the use of spraygel." You meant " Intergel " was used, didn't you? I can understand anyone's confusion over SprayGel and Intergel - since both of them have the same ending: " gel."

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