Re: I'm scheduled to see a pain management doctor

Mon Jul 29 19:38:12 2002

Christine, Hi, my name is Shawnna, and I know that some of the wonderful gals here have had good luck with pain management docs, like Tish (CookieTish). but mine was awful!!!!! The doc spent the whole visit trying to convince me that my last surgeon had messed up my spine and pelvic area. He took me off the meds that were working and gave me meds that didn't even begin to touch the pain, unless you call falling asleep, helpful. They were just extremely strong muscle relaxers that knocked me flat out!!!! I need meds that fight pain and allow me to stay awake!!!!! There are some wonderful doctors out there they are just hard to find!!!! My gyn now treats me with oxycontin and percocets and bladder contral med called Elmiron, I also have a TENS UNit,which helped at first but then started affecting my kidney's and heart, but I can still put it on my legs and it helps without making my heart beat funny. Like I said earlier though some have had good luck and espicially Tish, who is wonderful, I'm sure she could tell you a lot of positive things. Good luck to you and I hope you get the much needed help!!!!! God Bless, Shawnna

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