Re: RITA: A "red flag" went up for me...regarding your July 29th surgery!! Please reconsider!

From: Rita Steele (
Sun Jul 28 16:35:48 2002

Helen, Yes, I would rather have my surgery done with the use of Spraygel. My employer is trying to terminate me at this time, without them I have no health insurance or disability income, they have left me no alternative but to have this surgery. I do feel like I'm damned if I do & damned if I don't. I swore after my gall bladder surgery (3/22/00) I would never have surgery again. But never say never is what I have learned! Right now $ is a big problem, I have none! I would really appreciate your best wishes that my surgery is a success, I'm stressed out enough as it is. I really appreciate your concern. Take Care, Rita in AZ --- Helen Dynda <> wrote: > Dear Rita,
> You said: "I'm having surgery on Mon. July 29, if
> this surgery confirms that adhesions are the source
> of my pain."
> When I read that you are having surgery on Monday,
> July 29th, a "red flag" went up for me!! Do you
> realize that a surgical procedure -- just to confirm
> IF adhesions are the source of your pain -- will
> definitely cause even more adhesions...PLUS
> increased pain!! I don't think you want that to
> happen, do you?
> All it takes is ONE surgical procedure to cause the
> formation of adhesions!! Only ONE surgery!! If you
> have had a prior surgery, ask yourself if you really
> want to risk even more adhesions?
> REMEMBER: Adhesions are formed whe the body
> responds to trauma - trauma of any kind. SURGERY IS
> Wouldn't you rather pursure surgery with the
> surgeons, who are having success with adhesiolysis
> procedures: Dr. Korell at Duisburg? Dr. Daniel
> Kruschinski at Frankfurt? Dr. Harry Reich will join
> Dr. Kruschinski in September at Frankfurt, Germany.
> All three surgeons are very experienced and skilled
> in the techniques they use to provide their surgical
> patients the best possible chance for success with
> their surgery. The unique skills they've developed
> plus Gassless laparoscopy (Dr. Kruschinski's
> invention) have been found to cause the least amount
> of trauma (and greatly reduced adhesion formation)
> to the patient's body. At the conclusion of a
> surgical procedure Confluent Surgical's new adhesion
> barrier, SprayGel, is applied.
> SprayGel helps to prevent adhesion formation during
> the critical time that adhesions are known to form
> (adhesions begin to form as soon as 3 hours after
> surgery!!) About 7 days these surgeons perform a
> second look, which gives them the opportunity to
> evaluate the success of the surgery itself and also
> the success of SprayGel.
> When a person has a surgical procedure in the United
> States, there are certain techniques surgeons do not
> provide; for instance: Gassless laparocopy is only
> being used in Germany!! SprayGel has not been
> approved by the FDA; and will only be used as a
> part of clinical trials. In the USA, second look
> procedures are not automatically provided following
> a surgical procedure. Now aren't those three very
> good reasons to consider seeking surgery in Germany?
> Cost? The cost isn't as expensive as you might
> think -- especially considering that as a patient in
> Germany you will receive the best surgical procedure
> possible!! Some insurances will pay for
> out-of-country surgical procedures; however,
> Medicare and Medicaid will not!!
> Rita, you said: " I'm really interested in going to
> Germany to have Spraygel used. "
> I think I have given you some very good reasons to
> consider: Why not do what you are really interested
> in doing? The protection that SprayGel offers after
> a surgery is certainly worth it!! Please
> prayerfully think this over. It's not too late to
> cancel the surgery!!

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