RITA: A "red flag" went up for me...regarding your July 29th surgery!! Please reconsider!

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Sat Jul 27 20:12:08 2002

Dear Rita,

You said: "I'm having surgery on Mon. July 29, if this surgery confirms that adhesions are the source of my pain."

When I read that you are having surgery on Monday, July 29th, a "red flag" went up for me!! Do you realize that a surgical procedure -- just to confirm IF adhesions are the source of your pain -- will definitely cause even more adhesions...PLUS increased pain!! I don't think you want that to happen, do you?

All it takes is ONE surgical procedure to cause the formation of adhesions!! Only ONE surgery!! If you have had a prior surgery, ask yourself if you really want to risk even more adhesions?

REMEMBER: Adhesions are formed whe the body responds to trauma - trauma of any kind. SURGERY IS A TRAUMA !!

Wouldn't you rather pursure surgery with the surgeons, who are having success with adhesiolysis procedures: Dr. Korell at Duisburg? Dr. Daniel Kruschinski at Frankfurt? Dr. Harry Reich will join Dr. Kruschinski in September at Frankfurt, Germany.

All three surgeons are very experienced and skilled in the techniques they use to provide their surgical patients the best possible chance for success with their surgery. The unique skills they've developed plus Gassless laparoscopy (Dr. Kruschinski's invention) have been found to cause the least amount of trauma (and greatly reduced adhesion formation) to the patient's body. At the conclusion of a surgical procedure Confluent Surgical's new adhesion barrier, SprayGel, is applied.

SprayGel helps to prevent adhesion formation during the critical time that adhesions are known to form (adhesions begin to form as soon as 3 hours after surgery!!) About 7 days these surgeons perform a second look, which gives them the opportunity to evaluate the success of the surgery itself and also the success of SprayGel.

When a person has a surgical procedure in the United States, there are certain techniques surgeons do not provide; for instance: Gassless laparocopy is only being used in Germany!! SprayGel has not been approved by the FDA; and will only be used as a part of clinical trials. In the USA, second look procedures are not automatically provided following a surgical procedure. Now aren't those three very good reasons to consider seeking surgery in Germany?

Cost? The cost isn't as expensive as you might think -- especially considering that as a patient in Germany you will receive the best surgical procedure possible!! Some insurances will pay for out-of-country surgical procedures; however, Medicare and Medicaid will not!!

Rita, you said: " I'm really interested in going to Germany to have Spraygel used. "

I think I have given you some very good reasons to consider: Why not do what you are really interested in doing? The protection that SprayGel offers after a surgery is certainly worth it!! Please prayerfully think this over. It's not too late to cancel the surgery!!

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