Re: Oops, I thought of another questions

From: Rita Steele (
Sun Jul 28 15:07:11 2002

Christine, I was told that your gall bladder will develop adhesions trying to heal itself when it is bad. I, too, had my gall bladder removed 3/22/00, I've been in pain ever since. I'm having Diagnostic Laparoscopy w/ Lysis of Adhesions tomorrow. Hopefully this will confirm I do have adhesions & the Dr. will be able to remove all of them & I'll be pain free. I'm really anxious about this surgery, I'm so afraid they won't find out what is wrong & be able to fix it. That is my worst fear, that Drs. will continue to make me feel like I'm a nut! But my pain is very real! Good Luck with your quest for answers. Take Care, Rita in AZ --- Christine Lake <> wrote: > When I had my gallbladder out back in May, my
> surgeon said that there
> were a lot of adhesions around it. Is that normal
> for a bad gallbladder
> to have adhesions on it, or were they from my
> gastric bypass in April?

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