Cathy - Cassie-adhesion or incisional hernia

Sun Jul 28 14:45:36 2002

Hi Cathy and welcome to this wonderful site. As I read your post the tears just came down my face. My heart went out to you and especially your sweet daughter Cassie. So young to be with this devil pain. Just oh so young. How I wish I could take it all away from her. On one of my incisions it feels hard around it and there is a small lump by it. I was told it was adhesions in that area or it could be scar tissue. I guess I really don't have an answer for you - but wanted to give you some information on the lump in and by my incision. Prayers are being said for you and Cassie, may she no longer have the devil pain she so not deserves. Hugs with love and many prayers, ~Chrissie xo's (Christine Damon - Epsom, NH on the adhesions quilt)

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