Chronic Pain in hips, lower back...

From: Kat (
Fri Jul 26 08:42:12 2002

I recently came upon this site after coming home from the doctor's office yesterday. I finally made up my mind that I am going to find out what is wrong with me once and for all, with or without the help of a doctor!

I have suffered with this pain since I was about 28 yrs old. About 2 years after my first pregnancy and C-Section. My first child was still born and a bit over 2 weeks over due. After 2 yrs, I became pregnant again and gave birth vagially. No problem.. Two years later I became pregnant again and miscarried. The pain started after my 2nd pregnancy. Lower back and hip pain. The doctors assured me that was normal and it would go away. I am now 42 years old, have gone to dozens of doctors in different fields and have gotten no results.

Yesterday I went to a doctor and requested a laprascopy to see what the hell is going on inside me and he agreed it would be a good idea, however since I have ovarian and uterian cysts that are small, he feels that is probably what the problem is.

About 16 years ago I said to a few doctors that since I had the old type of c-section, is it possible that scar tissue could have built up and might be the cause of the pain. He looked at me like I had 3 heads! Well I thought, I lived through the 70's, "the sexual revolution" I had a few partners, but could that be it...PID? Still, I had never been ordered tests to confirm or dismiss the inquiry!

So now after almost 20 years, I am demanding these tests and finally got some action. I hope that the laparscopy will reveal the cause of almost 20 yrs of chronic pelvic pain.

I will keep you informed!


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