Re: Chronic Pain in hips, lower Kat

Fri Jul 26 09:02:13 2002

Dear Kat: You probably do have adhesions, but I think you may also have fibromyalgia. I gave birth to my last child at the age of 36. My low back and hips hurt the whole time I was pregnant. Course the doc kept telling me that it would go away once I delivered. Well, it didn't. Actually got worse. They sent me to an ortho doc thinking it was my sciatic nerve. He ran every test known to man on me. All negative. Then he sent me to a rheumatalogist. By this time I thought I was crazy! She spent two hours with me and said I know what is wrong with you! I cried like a baby! I wasn't crazy after all! Now that they have treated my fibro I feel great. Still have some spells, but nothing like I used to. When mine are really hurting I can usually feel knots in the soft hollow pockets in my hip area. You know where you kind of have an indention. Call your local arthritis foundation and get a pamphlet on fibromyalgia. And search the web too. I hope that this helps you. My prayers are with you. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any other questions. Raven Spurlin nursing student

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