Re: Chronic Pain in hips, lower back...

Fri Jul 26 13:27:03 2002

Hi Kat , I can tell you that my first messy c-section done the old way, up and down incision not low and accross was the start of all my adhesion problems. I had no problems prior to that..Finally after many test and horrible unrelenting pain with no releif my obgyn agreed to do surgery as I had ovarian cyst. .When he went in through an open surgery he found everything adhesed to the front of my stomach and abdominal wall .He said everthing was all glued together. He had a terrible time trying to disect everything apart and ripped my bladder trying to seperate it from my uterus. He had to call a bladder surgeon in to do a full bladder reconstruction. The obgyn said all this was a result of a very messy c-section. I do not have good memories of this at all. .I lost alot of blood in that surgery and have had two more open abd. surgeries to lysis adhesions and remove endo. I still have terrible pain in the bladder and all throughout the abd. region. I am not a doctor and would never give anyone medical advice but that is what happen to me .Good luck and if you have any futher questions please feel free to ask!!----------BEV

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