Re: Spray Gel--Prayers--and Meds.

From: Robin M (
Fri Jul 26 04:56:21 2002

Dear Tish I am keeping you & your mom in my prayers. You should ask to have the patch increased. You are on the lowest doseage. Since my DR increased my oxycontin, I have had a lot less pain. Yesterday, I only took 3 vicodin for break through pain. At one point, I was taking 8-10 a day! Hope this info helps robin M

At Thu, 25 Jul 2002, Tish wrote: >
>Hi I hope everyone is at least comfy tonight, I just wondered has anyone
>heard any word about how long it will actually take before Confluent
>spray gel is widely available in the US?
>Boy Oh Boy i wish it would hurry UP!
>I have been considering going to Germany..but wow what about the that 12
>or 14 hour plane ride..OMG that part is really scary..
>Some Good News regarding My Mom..the ct scans showed her chest and neck
>to be cancer free still THANK GOD..but the Dr is still very
>concerned..about the hoarseness and soreish throat..and the paralyzed
>vocal next wednesday he is doing an MRI of her head and neck
>to see if he can see anything ..that could be the cause...
>So thanks friends for your prayers and please keep Mom in them if you
>would ..and me too please..the pain is really getting to me..the past
>few days..and its been really hard for me to tend to my Mom when i am in
>such pain...i just know that the good lord has been right with
>me...keeping me going..
>Oh yeah and i wondered too...about upping my pain on Duragesic
>25s and Lorcet Plus 10/650 and its to he point where..i am having to
>take 2 lorcets at one get pain my question is this
>should i ask the pain dr to up the lorcets or up the patches??? any
>Well i am still prayin for everyone....i hope everyone is doing
>ok as possible...
>Hugs and Love

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