Spray Gel--Prayers--and Meds.

From: Tish (CookieTish@aol.com)
Thu Jul 25 21:18:00 2002

Hi I hope everyone is at least comfy tonight, I just wondered has anyone heard any word about how long it will actually take before Confluent spray gel is widely available in the US? Boy Oh Boy i wish it would hurry UP! I have been considering going to Germany..but wow what about the that 12 or 14 hour plane ride..OMG that part is really scary.. Some Good News regarding My Mom..the ct scans showed her chest and neck to be cancer free still THANK GOD..but the Dr is still very concerned..about the hoarseness and soreish throat..and the paralyzed vocal chords...so next wednesday he is doing an MRI of her head and neck to see if he can see anything ..that could be the cause... So thanks friends for your prayers and please keep Mom in them if you would ..and me too please..the pain is really getting to me..the past few days..and its been really hard for me to tend to my Mom when i am in such pain...i just know that the good lord has been right with me...keeping me going.. Oh yeah and i wondered too...about upping my pain meds..im on Duragesic 25s and Lorcet Plus 10/650 and its to he point where..i am having to take 2 lorcets at one time...to get pain relief...so my question is this should i ask the pain dr to up the lorcets or up the patches??? any ideas..? Well i am still prayin for everyone....i hope everyone is doing ok...as ok as possible... Hugs and Love Tish.

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