Chronic illnesses affect relationships!! Comfort and helpful information

From: Helen Dynda (
Fri Jul 26 01:33:37 2002

There is no question that every person, who suffers from the chronic debilitating pain of adhesions, will experience both depression and stress.

As a result of stress: our pain level increases, our lives become more difficult to live, our families are affected -- and the list goes on and on. Perhaps you find comfort and help in the following articles: 1.) The Partner's Predicament - or What About the Men?

2.) MENDO: for men

3.) 10 Tips for Family Caregivers (Scroll down and click: Caregiving Tips)

4.) Responding to Pain: To Those Who Live with Chronic Pain Patient

5.) A letter to Caregivers and the ones we love: A chronically ill woman shares her thoughts to her husband and other caregivers.

6.) When Friends Turn Away: We've all had the feeling of loss when people turn away.

7.) Husbands Share About Being a Caregiver: A wonderful article for both you and your spouse. Seven men discuss what they are going through and how they feel about it, as their wife's illness affects the family.

8.) A Mother's Love: Parenting when you have a chronic illness.

9.) A Son's Love: A letter from a son away at college to his chronically ill mother.

10.) When Your Souse Doesn't Believe You Are Ill: What happens when the one you most trust doesn't believe you either?

11.) Trainwrecks with Caregivers: An honest look at the difficulties in a marriage when dealing with an illness.

12.) When A Friend Has A Chronic Illness: What to say - How to help

13.) Support for those living with Pain

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