Re: Problems Urinating-To Karla

From: Jenny (
Thu Jul 25 08:25:10 2002


Honey, I think you were worrying a little bit too much. I have been seeing a urologist, in fact I have seen 3 urologist and 2 urology student dr.s. So you are not bothering me. Keep your head high!

Love, Jenny

>I want to clarify something that I said regarding bladder problems. I just
>went back and reread my posting to Jenny and Tami and realized how very
>easily my message could be misinterpreted.
>I made the statement that if you are having bladder problems it is very
>likely to be caused by adhesions. What I should have said is that if you
>are experiencing bladder problems you should see a urologist to have things
>looked into. But, don't be afraid to draw the line. Don't allow them to do
>a lot of invasive testing. If you are an adhesion sufferer it is very
>likely that your problem could be caused by adhesions around your bladder.
>As in everything else finding a urologist who acknowledges adhesions being a
>cause of bladder problems is rare. Hope this clears things up.
>Somewhere up in the stars.................
>My angel and me!

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