Re: Problems Urinating-To Tami

From: Jenny (
Thu Jul 25 08:17:02 2002

Hey Karla,

It's good to talk to a familiar name (Face!). When I had surgeries in the past, once the nurse took out the catheter, I had about 4 hours to urinate before they would put another catheter in. I remember getting really uncomfortable after one surgery because my bladder was very full and I couldn't pee. They eneded up putting in anoher catheter. At home sometimes I go for a very long time before I have to go. Other times I have to go right then or I feel like I will wet myself. I believe what you said about the adhesions attacking the bladder. They said my urethra had scarring on it and it was alot smaller than most women. I had not been told that back in November when I had a cystoscopy. So I wonder if that cystoscopy could have caused the scarring that I now have on the urethra since the recent cystoscopy. With the way we scar and all, I guess it is possible.

The neurontin does help me alot. It relieves alot of the nerve pain that I get down the back of my legs. It is just the weight gain that I can't stand. I surely don't need help in that dept. since my hysterectomy, and hypothyroidism have also caused me to gain weight. Luckily I got the pain management dr. to not give me anti-depressants or I would be in real trouble. I took Elavil one time and I gained 20 lbs in a month. It was crazy! I got off that and lost some of the weight.

Karla, how are things with you? Are your adhesions manageable at least? I have good days, bad days, so-so days, and horrible days, just like everyone else here on this board has. The pain is managed for the most part. Sometimes I think I wait too long to take the pain medicine. When I do that it takes 3-4 hours to get the medicine working. So I have been trying not to let it get that far. I hope and pray that you are doing well. I plan on sticking around here for a while so youcan talk to me some more and let me know how things are with you.

Tami, let me know what they are doing for you, okay? I will talk to you again soon.

Love and hugs, Jenny

At Wed, 24 Jul 2002, Karla wrote: >
>Jenny and Tami,
>When I first developed my bladder problems and way before my bladder was
>removed, my initial problem was being unable to urinate at all. I went for
>over 36 hours without peeing before they would catherize myself. Jenny, if
>your doctors are catherizing you after not going to the bathroom for only
>four hours then something is wrong. A lot of people can and will go all day
>long without urinating....I used to go to school at 7:30am and not go until
>after dinner at night without any for them to take such action
>after so short a period of time seems awful drastic to me.
>Tami, I would like to know what procedures they are doing to you too.
>Please be very careful in what you allow them to do to your bladder. They
>can and will put you through some very painful tests that you don't really
>need. Adhesions can and do affect the bladder. They will wrap themselves
>around the entire bladder putting an intense pressure on. It is very
>painful, but all of the testing and other things these doctors want to do
>make things worse. If you are having bladder problems chances are that
>adhesions are wrapped around your bladder. Nothing any urologist does is
>going to make it any better....short of a "good" adhesiolysis.
>Jenny, I wanted to say Welcome Back! I haven't seen or heard from you in
>ages. Hope things are at least manageable for you.
>God's warmest blessings,
>Somewhere up in the stars.................
>My angel and me!

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