Re: The stitch left behind after my surgery.....

From: Sally Grigg (
Tue Jul 23 23:07:55 2002

Chrissie from Sally, dear friend, after reading some more of your emails forget about me taking out my own stiches. Bad idea. Don't do. LOL Love, Sally And you are just as beautiful as you were before.

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> My little friend, Chrissie,
> Hmmm... looks like I will have to bring Ed with me, and head to New
> Hampshire to Chrissie's house.
> Why, you ask?
> Now I don't only have to watch Ed with the cut, pick, and ding & dent
dept. > Now, I have Mrs.Chrissie.
> I am actually squirming in my chair, as that must have hurt!! (Keep sharp
> instruments from Chrissie... AND Ed.)
> I have heard that moles can really bleed when you cut them.
> (See Millie's toes curl.)
> Now I guess I'll have to get around to writing my "Oops, wrong car "
story. > Don't cut stitches... call Dr.
> Love ya,
> Millie.
> P.S. I was guilty of doing the same thing with a bunch of stitches when
I > had 6 teeth pulled.

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> Subject: Re: The stitch left behind after my surgery.....
> > Chrissy! Leave it alone! Let your Dr take care of it, call the nurse or
> > something, but don't go cutting on yourself.
> > As far as your beauty, I can tell you are a beautiful person where it
> > counts, you have been a great new friend to me and a piller of support
> > to many, I can tell by reading the message boards.
> > Your beauty is full and intact so worry not.
> > After I had my Hystorectomy, they left the staples in for 2 weeks and
> > the staples began to pull at my skin and became awfully uncomfortable,
> > so one day I pulled one out, opps, the skin of the incision popped open,
> > now I have a clean scar except for at the very top where I pulled that
> > staple, the scar is a little wider and poofs out a little.
> > In Short......Don't do that!
> > God Bless and Take Care of You
> > Tammy Lynn
> > At Mon, 22 Jul 2002, wrote:
> > >
> > >Hi everyone, ")
> > >I pray all is well as you are reading this post. I have a question,
> after
> > >your surgery were you left a stitch or 2 sticking out from your
> incision(s)?
> > >If so, what did you do with it? Let me tell you what NOT to do.
> > >OK, so it's been a couple of months since my surgery. As I peek at the
> six
> > >incisions made on my belly I made sure all were healing fine. After
the > scar
> > >scabby parts (what a visual huh) went away, I noticed a couple of
> stitches
> > >that were hanging from 2 of my 6 incisions.
> > >Hmmm, I pulled a little, ouch - wrong answer - then I rubbed a little,
> darn
> > >things didn't rub off even with some water added. I decided to try
> cutting
> > >both of them with scissors. One of the piece of stitch was close to a
> mole I
> > >have that my Mom always called a beauty mark. As I carefully cut on
one > of
> > >the stitches I felt this awful cut like pain. Hmmm I thought to myself
> the
> > >stitch has feelings. Um, er, nope -it was my mole! It was bleeding
like > > >crazy! I jumped up and got a a towel and rubbed off the blood. My
eyes > > >opened with amazement, 1/2 my mole was cut off! YIKES - and if any of
> you
> > >had a mole you accidentally shaved off, like I once did when I was
> shaving my
> > >legs - I shaved off a mole that was on the back of my leg, you know
that > they
> > >bleed like you really cut the heck out of them. After a couple of
towels > and
> > >some peroxide, the bleeding stopped thank God. Now the beauty mark is
> 1/2
> > >gone, does that mean that the little left of my beauty is gone with the
> 1/2
> > >mole I accidentally cut off? Needless to say, I'm leaving the other
> stitch
> > >there till I have my doctor look at it. Now why didn't I cut the
incision > > >that wasn't by my mole? Hmmmmm, another thing that makes you go -
> > >hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......tee hee
> > >Love to all of you,
> > >~Chrissie ox's
> >

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