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From: Sally Grigg (
Tue Jul 23 23:01:18 2002

Robin honey, I have great sympathy for your smoking, because my father died from it. But I also want to kick you in the butt. Of course you can quit. You need to and that is probably why you are not sleeping. Nicotine is a very heavy medication and it will kill you. I watched my father die, not a pretty sight, nor easy either. He wished he had quit, but he "couldn't either" Well, now he is dead.

Just stop. And when you get the urge, just don't give in. You are a strong person. You can quit. Go to the hospital and see someone dying from lung cancer or emphysema. It will change your whole perspective to see the fear in their eyes when they can't breath and the staff has to change their tubing and they are without oxygen for one minute. You are too strong to let cigarettes take over your life. Please try and succeed. I'm praying for you. Love, Sally

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> Dear All
> Hubby took me to the Dr this afternoon. She doubled the sleeping pills
> & gave me a script for a stronger one if these don't start working. She
> told me to take one, go to sleep & when I woke up in the middle of the
> night to take the other one. She also increased the Oxycontin from 40
> mg to 80 2 x day. She is also going to get me set up for sleep apnia
> (sp) study to see if they can figure out why I am not sleeping. Hubby
> says I quit breathing & I do snore alot. Sometimes I wake my self up
> snoring so loudly. My depression has been really bad today, we talked
> about increasing depression meds, but think it will solve its self if I
> can just sleep. My Mom does believe me about adhesions, but she doesn't
> understand the pain or depression that goes along with it. And of
> course, she knows how to knock me down. She is a work acholic counselor
> with no sympathy for me. She is really good with non family members. I
> talked with Daddy tonight, he is so sweet. It did lift me some just
> talking with him. My shaking in my hand & leg is worse now. It gets
> worse with stress. Also, I have bronchidis. I need to use the
> nebulizer 3-4 x a day. I think because I smoke so much while I am awake
> so much during the night. Dr really wants me to quit. I have tried
> several times, but cant do it for long. Thank you all that responded, &
> those that read & thought about me. I have been having a hard time
> responding to posts, but I read them all & think of everyone & what ever
> is going on.
> Well, the first sleeping pill is starting to work, so I will try to get
> some sleep now.
> love & thoughts & prayers to ALL
> robin M
> At Mon, 22 Jul 2002, Rita Steele wrote:
> >
> >Robin,
> >I can really empathize with you about pain & sleepless
> >nights. Nights are just plain miserable for me, too.
> >Sleeping pills don't help me sleep only make me rum-
> >dum! Dr. prescribed me oxycodone 5mg., they make me
> >nauseous & I even vomited two different nights when I
> >took them, so I'm leary of them, the cure is almost as
> >bad as the cause. Wish I could do something to cheer
> >you up. Please hang in there.
> >Take Care,
> >Rita in AZ
> >--- Robin M <> wrote:
> >> Dear All
> >>
> >> I have been having a really hard time lately. I got
> >> some sleeping pills
> >> from the DR a couple of weeks ago, but, I still have
> >> not slept much. The
> >> lack of sleep is causing my depression to increase.
> >> Yesterday, I helped
> >> hubby feed the animals, & overdid it. I couldn't
> >> make it back to the
> >> house because of the pain. I was only out side for
> >> 10 mins. It is so
> >> frustrating when the pain gets like that. The rest
> >> of the day, my pain
> >> was out of control. I took way too much pain meds &
> >> they didn't seem to
> >> help much at all. Then last night, I didn't get to
> >> sleep til 3 & woke
> >> at 5:30. I have made another appointment with the
> >> DR today. I am now
> >> thinking I am having some sort of reaction to the
> >> codine that is not
> >> letting me sleep. I can't take some meds because it
> >> will keep me awake.
> >> Also, I am having trouble with my mom!! She is
> >> always putting me down.
> >> Everything I say is wrong. Now she wants me to go
> >> to her house 5-6 hrs
> >> away for a get together. She just refuses to
> >> understand that traveling
> >> is so hard on me. I can't stand or sit for long
> >> before the pain starts
> >> getting really bad. I have only been sleeping about
> >> 4 hours a night I
> >> am just so tired. Between being tired, in pain &
> >> depressed, things are
> >> just really getting to me. Thanks for taking the
> >> time to listen.
> >> love
> >> robin M
> >>
> >>
> >
> >

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