The stitch left behind after my surgery.....

Mon Jul 22 13:18:38 2002

Hi everyone, ") I pray all is well as you are reading this post. I have a question, after your surgery were you left a stitch or 2 sticking out from your incision(s)? If so, what did you do with it? Let me tell you what NOT to do. OK, so it's been a couple of months since my surgery. As I peek at the six incisions made on my belly I made sure all were healing fine. After the scar scabby parts (what a visual huh) went away, I noticed a couple of stitches that were hanging from 2 of my 6 incisions. Hmmm, I pulled a little, ouch - wrong answer - then I rubbed a little, darn things didn't rub off even with some water added. I decided to try cutting both of them with scissors. One of the piece of stitch was close to a mole I have that my Mom always called a beauty mark. As I carefully cut on one of the stitches I felt this awful cut like pain. Hmmm I thought to myself the stitch has feelings. Um, er, nope -it was my mole! It was bleeding like crazy! I jumped up and got a a towel and rubbed off the blood. My eyes opened with amazement, 1/2 my mole was cut off! YIKES - and if any of you had a mole you accidentally shaved off, like I once did when I was shaving my legs - I shaved off a mole that was on the back of my leg, you know that they bleed like you really cut the heck out of them. After a couple of towels and some peroxide, the bleeding stopped thank God. Now the beauty mark is 1/2 gone, does that mean that the little left of my beauty is gone with the 1/2 mole I accidentally cut off? Needless to say, I'm leaving the other stitch there till I have my doctor look at it. Now why didn't I cut the incision that wasn't by my mole? Hmmmmm, another thing that makes you go - hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......tee hee Love to all of you, ~Chrissie ox's

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