Re: A second study - involving Spray Gel - by Confluent Surgical Inc. - is be...

Tue Jul 23 20:37:00 2002

Rita, I had Intergel on JUne 21. And suprafilm last year. They never used anything b4. But I think spraygel is what you should wait on But I know you have to have your female organs for the trials. I can't see how they can make you have surgery when they know good and well that is not the answer to adhesions. Bring them printed material from this site. How can they take away your disability when your condition may worsen with surgery. I would contest them BIG time. Last year 7 weeks after surgery my adhesions were 3 times worse than before surgery. Surgery may not stop your pain it may increase it if you don't have a laparoscopic surgeon very familiar with adhesions. Love Lillian

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