Re: Need to talk-to Tammy L

From: Jenny (
Tue Jul 23 16:02:44 2002

Dear Tammy,

Sounds like we have alot of similarities. I had my hysterectomy in June 2000 thinking that would be the cure all. It wasn't. I really need the school thing right now. I was getting so depressed being at home. It gave me more time to think about my pain. Even though I have a house full of kids, I needed to get out of the house so I wouldn't have the time to think about it. School keeps my mind busy. I really seem to do a little better although it is very difficult sitting in class. Sometimes I feel I am a disturbance to others just because I am constantly shifting in my chair. But this has been a life long dream of mine to be a nurse. I had started right after high school and had to drop out them due to kidney problems. I had missed too much school then. Now here it is almost 20 years later, well 18, but at least I am doing it. So if they can't do the surgery till December, I guess my mind will be busy. I did get an appointment with my gyn for Aug 2. So I guess I will find out more then. I know what you mean about our lives being like a similar thread. And though I hate that all of us are having to go through this, I am thankful that we have each other to talk to. Thank you for listening. I hope that God will give us all comfort as we all pray for a miracle to happen. Take care of yourself and keep that warm caring heart that I can see you have.

Love and hugs, Jenny

>Dear Jenny, I understand what you are going through, I wish I had an
>easy answer for you.
>I went to school for 3 years, to have the job that I have, that I had to
>leave behind to go onto disability. I often feel like all the time I
>put in, all those hours with my nose stuck in a book, all the social
>events I passed up to study. But it was all worth it, I got my dream
>job. Then.....I got sicker and sicker, the attacks came more often,
>ususally around my period, then before, then after too, then I was
>always having 'menstral' like cramps. I was 5 months through an on the
>job train coarse for my position when they said I should have the
>hystorectomy. I was on the job for a few more months, doing well as
>could be expected, when the pains started again, I kept working for
>another 5 months when my Dr put my on disability. I felt like my life
>was over, everything I had been working towards, that had began to seem
>obtainable, became just a dream again. I was back to the poverty. The
>years I spent in school seemed like a waste.
>Today I just hope to be able to get back to normal again, to go back to
>work and get my life back on track again. It is really sad that all our
>lives seem to hang on a similar thread.
>Here's hoping your thread stays strong and keeps hold you up.
>God Bless and Take Care of You
>Tammy Lynn

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