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From: Tammy (
Mon Jul 22 19:38:03 2002

Dear Jenny, I understand what you are going through, I wish I had an easy answer for you. I went to school for 3 years, to have the job that I have, that I had to leave behind to go onto disability. I often feel like all the time I put in, all those hours with my nose stuck in a book, all the social events I passed up to study. But it was all worth it, I got my dream job. Then.....I got sicker and sicker, the attacks came more often, ususally around my period, then before, then after too, then I was always having 'menstral' like cramps. I was 5 months through an on the job train coarse for my position when they said I should have the hystorectomy. I was on the job for a few more months, doing well as could be expected, when the pains started again, I kept working for another 5 months when my Dr put my on disability. I felt like my life was over, everything I had been working towards, that had began to seem obtainable, became just a dream again. I was back to the poverty. The years I spent in school seemed like a waste. Today I just hope to be able to get back to normal again, to go back to work and get my life back on track again. It is really sad that all our lives seem to hang on a similar thread. Here's hoping your thread stays strong and keeps hold you up. God Bless and Take Care of You Tammy Lynn At Mon, 22 Jul 2002, Jenny wrote: >
>Hi all,
>I am not really new to this forum, I just haven't been able to read the
>postings or been able to post in a long time. I have had 8 abdominal
>surgeries, a mixture of adhesions and other female surgeries, with 5
>being laparotomies. In April, I went to see my gyn because I noticed
>things had dropped (rectum and bladder). I just had surgery last July
>to repair all this. My gyn sent me to a urologist who ran a bunch of
>tests since I am also having trouble emptying my bladder. After running
>all the tests, he told me due to my complicated adhesion history, he
>felt it would be best for me to go to a doctor, another urologist, in
>the medical center here in Houston. All this has put in into July this
>year. This new urologist is telling me he wants to repeat all the tests
>the first urologist did, but they can't be scheduled before the middle
>of September at best. The problem is I am supposed to start nursing
>school in August. We are not allowed to miss more than one class period
>or they will drop us. The new urologist told me that maybe they could
>schedule the surgery for my break which would be Christmas and he
>wouldn't touch the adhesions at all. I am currently already in pain
>management and do not want to live like this. In the meantime I have
>called both my gyn and the first urologist to see if maybe they will do
>the surgery. My gyn's nurse told me I would have to come back in for a
>consult before they will tell me anything since it has been so long
>since they saw me (in April). The 1st urologist called and tried to
>tell me to go see another Dr. in the same practice as the 2nd
>urologist. I told them once again what is going on and told them I
>don't want to go there. I had 4 people (3dr.s and 1 nurse) staring up
>my rear with a flashlight. I don't care to go back to that. I feel
>like I am getting a complete run around. I feel totally helpless. I
>really feel like I am going through this alone. I guess I am upset
>right now because my husband told me that he might not be able to go
>with me to the gyn appointment on Aug 2. I really feel helpless and
>like it is me against the world. There is really no one I can talk to
>about all this. So of course I thought of all of you. I am sure some
>of you have been there and I thought maybe some of you might could tell
>me what you did to get through this. I don't want to wait on school. I
>have already waited over a year to get in the program and that is
>busting my butt to do so. I would really like to have my life back and
>all the good things that go with it. Honestly just trying to have a
>intimate relationship with my husband right now is so painful that I
>don't hardly ever, if ever enjoy it. Anyway, you are the only one I
>felt I could share this with. I need an ear and a hand to get through
>this. And of course if anyone knows of a good doctor here in Houston, I
>could surely use his/her name. Thanks for listening.

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