Re: Need to talk-To Tami

From: Jenny (
Tue Jul 23 15:50:17 2002


I am sorry about you having problems too. Have you tried pouring warm water over yourself while you are trying to go or putting your hand under warm water? You can even get a straw and blow bubbles in a glass of water. These are things I have used after surgery. I usually have to push to go. That is probably why my bladder has prolapsed for a second time. I had a cystoscopy in November because I told them that I had to push to empty my bladder. That urologist told me everything looked fine and that I wasn't forming kidney stones (I have a strong history of that too.). Within 2 months I was passing stones at my house and by April my bladder had prolapsed for the second time. The urologist my gyn sent me to in May also did a cystoscopy. He said that my urethra has scarring and is smaller than the normal female. Then he ran a CT and said I have a stone in the left kidney. Also when I am urinating, I am going full speed and all the sudden the flow just stops. It is really strange. They ran a test on me where I had electrodes inside and out and they measured the flow. I was really glad when it showed exactly what I was talking about. But they can't tell me why it is doing that right now. I got an appointment with my gyn for Aug 2. My husband took me out to dinner last night and shopping to get my mind busy. I talked to him about how I felt I am in this alone sometimes. I mean I know he can't go to every Dr.'s appointment that I have because he would be taking off way too much. It's just I really need him for this one. He is going to try his best to go with me.

I sure hope you are okay and able to urinate. Do you live here in Houston or close by? Maybe we could talk. Let me know that you are doing okay.

Love and big hugs, Jenny

At Mon, 22 Jul 2002, Tami wrote: >
>Dear Jenny,
>I can totally understand what you are going thru. I once had surgery in
>Houston at Hermann Hospital with a Herman Hospital Dr. He moved to the
>East Coast somewhere. I did however see several Doctors from that
>group, like back in 1987. I don't remember any of the other Doctors
>names, Sorry. But you might try that group of Gyns from there. They
>were great with me and the Hospital was good too, if you can say a
>hospital is good ! HA! I wish I knew some doctors down there. I had the
>bladder scope done last week, and didn't really have any problems
>before. But now its been bad. I have really push and concentrate to
>even urinate. I tried to go early this morning and couldn't go. I have
>been drinking water and iced tea all day and still I can not go. It's
>almost 4:30PM my time. I am worried now that there might be something
>wrong with the bladder or kidneys.
>Well good luck and keep us posted on what's going on with you,

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