Re: IM MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tue Jul 23 13:05:41 2002

Robin, YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!! It is so terrible the crap we all have to go through, You know that if it was that doctor that wasn't able to have sex because of the pain and if it was there money being spent they would view things a lot different!!!! Another thing I have learned is that if you have insurance they really sent you for bogus test, and then we have to face the possibility of our insurance companies cutting us off!!!!! I have to say after countless doctors and feeling like giving up so many times I did find 2 wonderful doctors and I really thank God for them, the only problem was the gyn was afraid to touch me because I am to messed up inside, so I have a appointment on Aug. 7th with a surgeon in Memphis who has supposely had wonderful results. But I am scared to get my hopes up, because you just never know how these things might go. Someone about a month ago posted on here that we need to start posting all the crappy doctors names online, I think that is an excellent ideal!!!!! something has just got to give here, we all can't live our lives like this in constant HELL. I also want to say I know how you feel about sex, I decided last week that I was going to make love to my hubby no matter what And now I am walking with a cane!!!!! I hurt so bad that just getting out of bed to go to the bathroom is murder. and now I am on meds to help with bladder control, here I am just 32 years old walking with a cane and needing to wear stupid diapers!!!!!! But as you all know "adhesions don't cause any of this" ha ha !!!!!!!!!! have you ever wanted to just spit in there face????? because I have, and the day may come when I do just that!!!!!!!! Robin, Here's to you girl, do what ever it takes to be heard, I'll be thinking of you and praying for you!!!!!! LOTS OF HUGS SHAWNNA

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