IM MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Robin (
Tue Jul 23 12:21:08 2002

As I read through all of these posts and see how many Dr.'s out there are not listening to us it makes me very very angry. I too, am going through this. I sat not with my Dr. but with his physicians assistant yesterday and although she was empathetic, she made it crystal clear she did not believe this was adhesions. Even after going through all my past history with abdominal hysterectomy, galbladder surgery, and many lap surgery's and exploratory's.

We know our bodies better than they do. Here they are making tons of money and we have to diagnose ourselves. After she started to tell me about more meds, pain killers, and the like, I finally got down to brass tacks. She explained I had no obstructions to speak of and she could not understand why. I explained, embarassing as it might seem, I told her about Saturday when my new husband and I got frisky and I cried for three hours afterwards because of the pain. I had to explain to her why her perception of my illness was adhesions, and not some random phsyco act. She asked me when I had my other cut downs? Excuse me, DO YOU HAVE ACCESS TO MY RECORDS!!?!?!?

She said normally adhesions will block the intestens. So I just asked her, If I have sex with my husband and tear one of the adhesions, would it not swell and bleed, just like any other injury to ones body? Could that not cause the pain and vomiting? She just closed her book and said she was going to speak with the Dr. about sending me to a surgeon. People, it is time to fight. I have been through so many non required tests in the last month to last me a lifetime. She is going to call ext Monday to let me know what he says. Ill tell you this, there will be an uprising in the city of Tulsa, OK if they send me through one more test. It seems to me if they would have just done the lap like I asked 2 months ago, we would be done and there would not be all this money going out. And if it turns out to be adhesions and I have suffered even these last two months because the chose not to hear, I am going to be very dissapointed in the medical profession.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!! Whewww I feel better.

Love you all and God Bless Robin L

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