Re: IM MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tue Jul 23 14:46:52 2002

Dear Robin, Sounds like you are going to the same pain-management Dr. I was going to, they (some) of them do not want it to be adhesions, then you couldnt get use out of there nerve blocks & all..............Urrrrr Sorry, but Iknow how you feel, And I hardly ever seen the Dr. himself always the assistant, so it just maks you wonder how the hell the Dr. even knows whats going on when he never sees you but half the time, Find you an OBGYN, who believes in Adhesions, well E-mail me if you would like because I myself got the run around that costed me tons of money, when I knew all along what the problem was finally I went to my OBGYN, in my old hometown where I use to live & had been seeing since I was 16 years old, for 20 years, and I just had surgery on july 12th, & feel alot better Adhesions were everywhere just like I had been telling my pain management Dr, who wanted me to see a shrink & he knew me a total of 3 months, I think he needs a shrink & thinking about suing him my sister works for a lawyer & says I have grounds for a law suit for alot he put me through, & the way he operates his business.... Oh, well I've babbled long enough, I guess it just hit home & I fully understand........................Love, hugs, & understanding........Angie

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