Re: Jo Eslick to stay in Hospital.....

From: clare (
Tue Jul 23 10:16:19 2002


You made me cry....

Please give Jo my love.


At Tue, 23 Jul 2002, Shane Eslick wrote: > >Hello Everyone > >Thank you so much for your thoughts and payers for Jo, she joins me in >saying that this journey would be impossible without ALL of you! > >But I am not telling you anything you do not already know... > >Well its just about 1am here in oz and I sit to tell you all that it >looks like Jo will remain in our local hospital on Morphine until I can >get her to Sydney to see her Specialist. > >Jo has told her Doctors that she will not increase the amount of >Morphine because she will have no pain relief available after the >operation, she more than likely will be having the near future. > >To be honest there are a lot of maybes to the next few weeks, so the >best i can do is be there for Jo just one step at a time. > >YOU collectively and individually are a very powerful force for each >other and we appreciate your love and support. > >May you find some pain free time each day to share with someone >special... > >Warm Regards > >-- >Shane Eslick >

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