Jo Eslick to stay in Hospital.....

From: Shane Eslick (
Tue Jul 23 10:07:57 2002

Hello Everyone

Thank you so much for your thoughts and payers for Jo, she joins me in saying that this journey would be impossible without ALL of you!

But I am not telling you anything you do not already know...

Well its just about 1am here in oz and I sit to tell you all that it looks like Jo will remain in our local hospital on Morphine until I can get her to Sydney to see her Specialist.

Jo has told her Doctors that she will not increase the amount of Morphine because she will have no pain relief available after the operation, she more than likely will be having the near future.

To be honest there are a lot of maybes to the next few weeks, so the best i can do is be there for Jo just one step at a time.

YOU collectively and individually are a very powerful force for each other and we appreciate your love and support.

May you find some pain free time each day to share with someone special...

Warm Regards

Shane Eslick

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