Re: Spent last night at urgent care facility again...

From: deni wiser (
Mon Jul 22 23:44:13 2002

Hello My name is Denise, and I have had adhesion problems since 1994. I have had 17 surgurys in my abdomin ranging from 3 c-sections,hysterectomy, 3 hernias,apendisitis, removal of gullbladder, and exploritory surgurys and many many laprascopy for removal of adhesions. What I wanted to tell you was the last time (last year) that I had anything done the adhestions totally encased my liver ! ! ! The doctor was in total dimay and took many many pictures to show me why I was so much in pain ! !! They were even attached to my diaphram making it difficult to breath. I now need some kind of pain medication to get through most of my days but I just moved to a big city and have no doctor yet and my old family doctor is so far away. I wish you the very best ! ! ! If you need to talk just write, BUT talk to your doctor about this ! ! I could save you the pain and missery to have him check if you have had a bad history of adhesions like I have Denise

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