Kelly Murray from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Jul 22 23:46:09 2002

Dear Kel, Hi, its been awhile since we've "talked" I'm sorry you are in such pain, and you are probably right. Each surgery gives you more pain. But what about being so big its disgusting, I feel like a ten pound baby should come popping out. It's a real challenge to find clothes to emphasize my lovely small hips and smallish waist which expands to a watermelon. I'm still trying to be presentable here at the old homestead. I have found a few things that look nice, and I know that's not really a priority, but when I look okay, I feel better. It also helps the Inn.

Maybe I should wait, the indecision is hard, going back and forth, yes, definitely, no definitely not. The pain is making me crazy but I'm learning a lilttle bit how to deal with it and my Godson's accident has rearranged everything I thought was important including myself and my problems.

I hope you feel better. Keep in touch. Love and hugs, Sally

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