Re: More tests came back negative

From: clare (
Mon Jul 22 10:02:18 2002

Hi Jen:

Welcome to the IAS forum. I hope we can be a source of help and support for you.

I'm a Canadian, in TO. Like Nancy, I'm not sure if you are Canadian or not, but boy, your Dr responses sure remind me of mine! I was told after a diagnostic lap (during which endo was cauterized and one adhesion lysed but the rest left as they were) that my Dr KNEW which adhesions I had were painful and which ones weren't! Well if that's the case, then when he lysed the one he did he must have really f**@ed it up because I now have days that it's worse than ever. My surgeon told me to "deal with it".

The only Dr I have that really belives that the adhesions on my colon (and probably the one he lysed) are causing me pain is my nutritionist. Sad, eh? I've pretty much given up on the Drs I've been exposed to here - you know in three years I've only ever been given ultrasounds (I think 4)and biopsies - no other tests. My hubby says if I ever go back to a Dr that he's coming with me - he's 6'3", about 230 lb and as gruff as a cantakerous old cowboy. I'm taking him, 'cause I really want to hear someone tell him that they won't give me pain meds, believe that IF I'm in pain that it's not caused by anything physical (even though endo and adhesions are documented) and that I should just deal with it! I bet they'll be a lot more compassionate with him around :o)

I'm sorry, I guess I'm venting too. I'll quit responding to posts until I can be more positive. I don't mean to be a downer, it's just so frustrating!!

Well, Jen, after my rant here, it must be obvious to you that you are not alone!!

In friendship,


At Sun, 21 Jul 2002, Jen wrote: > >Hi Everyone, >I have been reading this forum for a while now and I hope everyone is as >well as can be expected. I have been experiencing pain but it sounds >like there are many others who experience alot more pain than I do. You >must be a strong bunch of people. > >Anyway, here's a rundown of the tests I've had >Dec- Ultrasound, normal >April-IVP, normal >June- Cystoscopy, normal >July- Cat Scan, normal > >The urolologist said if I had adhesions, I wouldn't know it and have any >pain. >My GP told me If I had adhesions, I would have a more "crampy" like >pain. I told him that is one of the pains I experience in my low pelvic >area. I think he chose not to hear that. >I continue with pain in my right ovary area, the right side of my back >and sometimes into my waist. >They can't find a reason for the blood in my urine. (not visible blood) >The urologist told me to "let it go" unless I see blood or get pains in >my side or back. I said , "I am getting pains in my side and back, AND >low pelvic area AND the right ovary". He said, "Well, let it go for >now". What an ass. > >I guess I will just have to manage the pain for now. I don't know what >to do next. Like I said, my pain is not near what I hear people on here >going through. > >Take care and thanks for letting me vent. >Jen

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