Re: More tests came back negative

From: Tammy (
Mon Jul 22 13:32:16 2002

Dear Jen, I just read your posting and would like to slap-down your Dr. It basically sounds like he is trying to tell you that you are imagining your discomfort. I use to 'want' to believe it was all in my head, but my Dr was just the opposite, she made me sit down and listen. Sometimes I feel like she doesn't pay much attention to me anymore, but then I realize at this time there is very little she can do but try to keep me comfortable, so she fills my meds every month and lets me exist, but she won't let me go back to work, for my own good. But seriously, most Dr.s don't believe much in the adhesions and the pain associated therein. If it helps, research this site, print off some of our stories and testimonials, there is also some more 'clinical' info listed on the home pages of this IAS web site. Take some of this info to your Dr and show him we are real, this is a real disorder, and you are in pain. He can't ignore the facts, and if he does, then we will pray for a better Dr to be assigned to your case. Just don't be bullied Jen, and turn to this site for strength and comfort, you are not alone. God Bless and Take Care of You Tammy Lynn

At Sun, 21 Jul 2002, Jen wrote: >
>Hi Everyone,
>I have been reading this forum for a while now and I hope everyone is as
>well as can be expected. I have been experiencing pain but it sounds
>like there are many others who experience alot more pain than I do. You
>must be a strong bunch of people.
>Anyway, here's a rundown of the tests I've had
>Dec- Ultrasound, normal
>April-IVP, normal
>June- Cystoscopy, normal
>July- Cat Scan, normal
>The urolologist said if I had adhesions, I wouldn't know it and have any
>My GP told me If I had adhesions, I would have a more "crampy" like
>pain. I told him that is one of the pains I experience in my low pelvic
>area. I think he chose not to hear that.
>I continue with pain in my right ovary area, the right side of my back
>and sometimes into my waist.
>They can't find a reason for the blood in my urine. (not visible blood)
>The urologist told me to "let it go" unless I see blood or get pains in
>my side or back. I said , "I am getting pains in my side and back, AND
>low pelvic area AND the right ovary". He said, "Well, let it go for
>now". What an ass.
>I guess I will just have to manage the pain for now. I don't know what
>to do next. Like I said, my pain is not near what I hear people on here
>going through.
>Take care and thanks for letting me vent.

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