Re: Pulling and Pinching

Sun Jul 21 10:08:47 2002

Oh Yes, I know this horrible feeling all to well, mine is all mostly pertaining to my left side, & everytime they go in 99% of all the Adhesions are on my left side, & it really becomes a problem when the Adhesions grow & in-trap all the nerves OUCH, Its just pure darn misery seems nothing they gave me could take the pain away, And I think I've been on everything known to man-kind. To me overall the Duragesic patch at a very high dose helped, but I still had to take breakthrough pain meds, so I just stuck with Loratab-10mg, with muscle relaxant, & they do make a drug called meperozine, that is also good it is Demerol & phenergan mixture it also seemed to work, but all these meds you have to be going to a pain management Dr., & a good one there is some that aint so hot out there, so be careful, God Bless & good Luck to ya, Hugs & much Love & understanding....................Your friend, Angie

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