Re: Pulling and Pinching

From: Tammy (
Sun Jul 21 19:29:37 2002

Yes, the pinching and especially the pulling feeling on your inside guts, is a common symptom of abdominal adhesions. Did you have any problems prior to the hystorectomy? What was the reason for the operation? I have a long, long history of abdominal adhesions which lead to a complet hystorectomy. But the adhesions returned right away and now it feels like my guts are playing 'tug-o-war' with each other. Also when I sit, or when I stand from sitting I get a pain in my groin, (inguinal) area, you know right where ya bend. I also can't sit for very long or I start getting muscle cramps and spasums. I have been told that Scar tissue can be massaged and excercised to become softer and more plyable, but after 2 years it is what it is. I was also told that these adhesions/scar tissue begins ot grow it's own nervous system and blood supply. Has anyone else heard of that? Well, Gwen, I wish you the best in finding comfort. If you have questions about adhesions, you have come to the right site. God Bless and Take Care of You Tammy Lynn

At Sun, 21 Jul 2002, Gwen wrote: >
>I have had a total hysterectomy some years ago. I now have
>pulling in the left lower abdomen near groin and a pinching
>feeling when I sit. My doctor thinks this is adhesion
>related. I know I have adhesions in this area. Does
>anyone else have this experience?

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