Nancy-CHRISSIE - hormones

Sun Jul 21 10:08:10 2002

LOLOL Nancy - now how did you know that I grew testicles? Those darn hormone pills! And as soon as I stopped taking them, they shrunk and disappeared. But my husband still says to me "Chrissie, you got balls" Hmmmm I wonder how he knows? tee hee hee <~~ dirty snicker............. Love ya Nancy - you silly gal you, ~Chrissie xo's ;)

.....anyway, about 6 months after I was on that type of hormone my voice > deepened and I think I started growing hair on my chest....

I'm sorry Chrissie, I just have to ask - did the hair on your chest go all the way to your testicles?????

Lord forgive me! Chrissie you are bringing out the worst in me. Keep up the good work ;-)



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