Re: Disability and Adhesions?

From: Pascale Vlaun (
Fri Jul 19 20:17:29 2002

Dear Brenda, in response to your question about disability I can't give you any advise because I don't live in the States, but in the Netherlands Antilles. I do however passed this road already here and without any luck. I suffer from adhesions now close to 4 years and I am lucky to still have a job despite all the "sickleave". Disability company informed me that I have to be DOWN AND OUT for at least 2 years, meaning losing my house, car, etc. and then after 2 years I MIGHT be able to receive a lousy US$ 300.00 per month, I thanked them friendly :-) I thing though: don't let this hold you back of listening to your own body! Don't go to work because you need the money, that's what I did and still do! And believe me: it makes the pain only worse! Listen to your own body and fight for your rights. As for the depression, I am taking a combination of Prozac and Xanax for 2 years already and this works fine for me, I hope you can find the medication to help you very soon.

Take care and all the best. Love, Pascale Vlaun ( St Maarten, Netherlands Antilles )

At Fri, 19 Jul 2002, Brenda wrote: >
>Thanks so much for all your replys about my depression. I have an
>appointment with my doctor next week and I am going to suggest he help
>me find the right medicine for my depression. How many of you have had
>to go one disability because of your adhesions? My doctor has told me I
>should go ahead and apply that he has done all he can and as we all know
>surgery is not the answer unless there is an obstruction and so far that
>has not happen. The adhesions have now because of last surgery gotten
>into the outer wall of my hip and into my muscles and nerves which cause
>pain when I walk and my pelvic area is full of them. I have heard that
>for someone my age 35 it is very hard to get disability any advice from
>my adhesions friends that have already traveled this road would be
>greatly appreciated. I have been out of work for almost a year now and
>have a family and we need 2 incomes. I have not started the process yet
>but need to soon before we lose our home. I have a 2 year old son that
>stays home with me and it is getting hard for me to take care of him
>some days the pain is unbearable. Thanks I keep all of you in my

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