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From: Tammy (
Fri Jul 19 18:56:06 2002

I had a Hystorectomy in early 2000, and I felt like they took out my Libido too. I use to be a pretty sexual person, but now I could take it or leave it. Anyway they put me on Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT) I currently am taking estrogen with a little bit of testosorone (sp?). I said isn't that a male hormone? The Dr said that women produce a small amount of it too. Most women don't miss it at all after their Hystorectomy, however some do and they usually lose their 'sex drive'. After they put me on the testostorone I did begin to feel like being intimate more often. As far as the pain.... I had to get a new boyfriend with a smaller member, but not every one is going to want to do that. LOL Actually the relationship got very worn out because of my condition, and his total inabilty to understand and be compassioante. I am blessed to be with someone that is more understanding. In fact it is a long story, but I ended up going back to my children's father, he feels partially responsible for my condition since having the children is what really made it bad. He is much better a man now than when I left him over 5 years ago. We have only been working it out for a year now, but hopefully it will last. So all in all the Hormones help, but I don't know anything about the effects of Endrometrosis, and I can't see the HRT having an effect on the pain. But if you have no Overies and are not of menopause age, you NEED to be on HRT, I knew a gal that didn't take hormones and 10 years later she was in bad shape. Hope things work out for you God Bless, Tammy Lynn At Sun, 14 Jul 2002, Lori wrote: >
>Hi Chrissi,
>No I have not seeked outside help for the intimacy problems.
>Actually my desire for it has gone down hill since I was
>given a hysterecomy in 97 (which btw was a surgery for adhesions)
>These days, I just try not to reject my husband TOO much.
>But it is hard when you know the next day or two you wont
>be able to get out of bed because of the pain.
>I was told for my desire problems, that hormonal supplements
>will help. But right now, no doctors will give me
>hormones because of the pain I"m in.
>In one of my surgeries they found endometriocis (sp?)
>So since I am in pain, they dont want me taking hormones
>and possibly getting the endo back, which will just add
>more pain to me. I was told that the hormones increasee
>your chance for Endo
>Another clear case of the Catch 22
>Pain Free Hugggz to all
>At Sun, 14 Jul 2002, wrote:
>>Hi Sweet Lori,
>>When you wrote about the intimate moments with your husband I totally
>>understood what you were saying. You pay for it the next day double.
>>You want to have that special time with your husband, but you're also
>>thinking about how much pain you're going to be in just for doing something
>>normal a couple do.
>>I had a total abdominal hysterectomy (TAH) 6 years ago and ever since then
>>I've lost that loving feeling. Has this ever happened to you or anyone else
>>here? I think part of it is because I think about the extra pain I'm going
>>to be in the next day. I've noticed since my TAH my sex drive is so low that
>>it's really not there. My poor husband has been so good about this, but my
>>heart hurts so much that I can't offer him the intimacy we once shared a
>>long, long, long time ago.
>>I know there is viagra pills for woman now, I'm thinking of trying something
>>like that. Have you or anyone here had this problem? If so, what did you do
>>for it? Again, my husband has been so good about this situation, but my
>>heart feels so bad for him.
>>Hugs and lots of love,
>>~Chrissie xo's
>>Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 13:23:27 -0500 (CDT)
>>From: (Lori)
>>Subject: Re: Tea- Lori ')
>>Message-ID: <>
>>Thank you soo much Chrissy
>>These are just the words I needed to hear
>>Yes I too usually go along, then try to hide
>>the pain so I dont spoil it for my family.
>>Same as having intimate moments with my husband.
>>I usually say yes, because he has been soo understanding
>>thru this. Dont get me wrong, I dont do it against
>>my will, I want it too. I have urges also
>>But I just know the next day I will be laid up in pain
>>I was having a rough one yesterday.
>>When you have to program your mind on a day to day
>>basis to ignore the pain. And tell yourself, just take
>>it day by day, it will get better some day...
>>Not only your body gets tired, but your mind too
>>I just needed one day for a O' Woe is me day LOL
>>I am back to my usual optimistic self today, and
>>living for today. Cause thats really all any of us
>>Hugggz and thank you soo much again
>>I am soo very happy I found you guys
>>Pain Free Hugggz to all

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