Disability and Adhesions?

From: Brenda (nancebln@earthlink.net)
Fri Jul 19 18:49:37 2002

Thanks so much for all your replys about my depression. I have an appointment with my doctor next week and I am going to suggest he help me find the right medicine for my depression. How many of you have had to go one disability because of your adhesions? My doctor has told me I should go ahead and apply that he has done all he can and as we all know surgery is not the answer unless there is an obstruction and so far that has not happen. The adhesions have now because of last surgery gotten into the outer wall of my hip and into my muscles and nerves which cause pain when I walk and my pelvic area is full of them. I have heard that for someone my age 35 it is very hard to get disability any advice from my adhesions friends that have already traveled this road would be greatly appreciated. I have been out of work for almost a year now and have a family and we need 2 incomes. I have not started the process yet but need to soon before we lose our home. I have a 2 year old son that stays home with me and it is getting hard for me to take care of him some days the pain is unbearable. Thanks I keep all of you in my prayers!

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