Re: I am disturbed...or am I just scared?

From: Tammy (
Fri Jul 19 00:57:09 2002

Thank you Jan, I was reading Robins message and in it she asked 'have you ever just prayed that God would just take you home?' I pray this prayer all too often, I have those really bad days, when I just can't, literally can't crawl out of bed. Latly I have been trying to dwell on positive things, and praising God for what I have and recognizing that things could be a lot worse. Now I have you and the others that have responded to my posting, to turn to as well and that makes a wonderful difference. I am not very good at these message threads but I am willing to learn the best I can. Thank you again God Bless You Thank You so much At Thu, 18 Jul 2002, Janice Simpson wrote: >
>Dear Tami,
>I know this is overwhelming and it is scary but the best thing you can d is educate yourself about this condition and never let a Dr. tell you i is in your head or let us just open you up and see if we can't fix you p. These things have happened to so many people and made us doubt ourse ves and made our condition worse. Don't be scared----get MAD that there are so many of us and not enough research done- not enough people who ev n know this is a real thing and affects more people than can be imagined Just think of the people who haven't found this site. I remember thin ing I was all alone and I must be crazy. It was like I could breath aga n when I found this site. And on top of it I have made some wonderful f iends-friends that understand when I say how I am feeling and don't tell me to get over it. So welcome again, and like I said don't be scared be thankful that now you have a right to feel the way you do and you can se what has happened to your body and it is not in your mind. Keep talkin to us-we will listen and offer advice and if we have no advice a should r to lean on.
>Your friend,

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>Hello all, I have spent to much time behind the computer and the pain is
>catching up with me. But there is so much info here, so many people, so
>many stories that make me want to cry, cry out of dispair, or relief I
>am not sure. I guess I wanted to believe that this is in my head and
>that I can mentally make it go away. But this site has brought reality
>to me, this is very real, I am really sick and I may never get to get
>better. I guess I am just scared.

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