Thank You

From: Tammy (
Fri Jul 19 00:40:05 2002

I just wanted to say thank you to Sally and Ginny and Chrissy, for responding to the messages that I posted, it makes me feel like I have someone who understnads right there, very close by. I have friends, by I have isolated myself from them a little bit, my Pain Management Counsler says I need to stay open to having and interacting with friends and other people. He is always asking me if I have been geting out of the house and socalizing. But it is hard, I don't want my friends to see me have an attack, when I get abdomianl cramps that put me into shock. I'd be really embarrased if I passed out in front of someone. I find myself coming here, to the message board often, like a few times a day. And I wanted to say thank you for your thoughts, your support and especially your understanding.

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