Re: Nervous about seeing the Gastroenterologist!!

From: Sally Grigg (
Wed Jul 17 18:50:24 2002

Dear Valerie, Hi, I'm nervous about seeing doctors now also. I've been to so many and to two famous pain specialist centers who referred me to counseling because I seemed weepy after they did a full internal finger exam pushing from the outside and the inside. I was happy I wasn't sobbing, but I do know that there are good doctors out there. And if you can find the right one, they help a lot.

If you take your mother you need to make her promise she will only say certain things and if she won't promise, don't take her. The last thing you need is your new doctor mistrusting your santity. Your mother should see my videos of my operation. Then she would believe in adhesion in full glorious color LOL Good luck. Sally Grigg.

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> Ok Guys.....
> I have not been to see a physician for my adhesions in almost three
> years. Yeah, I know I have a real problem with this!! My goal is to
> simply find a doctor who can help me keep my bowel problems to a minimum
> and help increase my comfort level if pain gets to the point where I
> cannot stand it anymore. My problem is that I have heard so much JUNK
> from physicians that I just get almost hysterical thinking of going to
> see one!! So, I would greatly appreciate any advice, ideas,
> comfort.....anything that will help me get through tomorrow!!! Do you
> think I should print off my story that I put on Bombobeach and take it
> with me??? I always worry about telling my whole story....because it's
> such a long story.....and by the time the physician realize that I've
> had over 15 surgeries for this crud, I feel like they think I'm some
> kinda freak or something!!! My mom wants to go with me.....and although
> I'd appreciate the support.....I don't know if I should take her or
> least she can validate my story.....but sometimes I think she
> thinks alot of this is in my head.....and I would just die if she said
> something to the physician think I'm nuts!!!
> Pray for me.....I think I'm gonna need it!!!
> Val

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