Dear friends from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Wed Jul 17 19:11:44 2002

Hello everybody, I know I haven't been very good lately about coming to the board. Life got worse, if that's possible. Thank you all who have prayed for Joe my godson and for Nancy and her candles. Joe had to have sections of his skull removed to allow for his brain swelling. But that's only temporary and then the skull needs to be put back on if its going to adhere properly. Anyway, his brain swelled again and he had a seizure, but its gone back down and he's still alive. When I hold his hand I feel like there is someone in there. He squeezes my hand when I tell him I have to leave. He is still in a coma and I tried to get him to open his eyes. Well he got one of them half opened and then it closed. So there is hope. Pray for us and I'll be back and try to keep in touch. All my love and welcome to the newcomers.

I was planning on another surgery, but maybe I'll wait. Life is full. Even if it hurts, each time It gets worse instead of better, so that means that maybe I should leave well enough alone. I don't know. I'm so undecided. Love, Sally

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