Nervous about seeing the Gastroenterologist!!

From: Valerie Gates (ibuymed@AOL.COM)
Mon Jul 15 08:37:39 2002

Ok Guys.....

I have not been to see a physician for my adhesions in almost three years. Yeah, I know I have a real problem with this!! My goal is to simply find a doctor who can help me keep my bowel problems to a minimum and help increase my comfort level if pain gets to the point where I cannot stand it anymore. My problem is that I have heard so much JUNK from physicians that I just get almost hysterical thinking of going to see one!! So, I would greatly appreciate any advice, ideas, comfort.....anything that will help me get through tomorrow!!! Do you think I should print off my story that I put on Bombobeach and take it with me??? I always worry about telling my whole story....because it's such a long story.....and by the time the physician realize that I've had over 15 surgeries for this crud, I feel like they think I'm some kinda freak or something!!! My mom wants to go with me.....and although I'd appreciate the support.....I don't know if I should take her or least she can validate my story.....but sometimes I think she thinks alot of this is in my head.....and I would just die if she said something to the physician think I'm nuts!!!

Pray for me.....I think I'm gonna need it!!!


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