Sherry-Thank you Chrissy and's so comforting to be back

Wed Jul 17 13:07:22 2002

Hi Sweet Sherry, ") I'm glad that your heart feels better now. ") I had surgery with Dr. R&R on July 24, 2000 and my last one with them was May 30, 2002. So it was 2 years between surgeries with them. I wouldn't have had another surgery so soon but the pain was so bad and the pain medication hardly touched the devil pain-my life, hmm, well - I didn't have one at all. Plus I was having gallbladder attacks and we all know how pain full those can be. I went to doctor after doctor here in New Hampshire to see about fixing my gallbladder, no one would touch me, I wouldn't let them anyway. So that really made my decision for another surgery with Dr. R& R. Since my surgery I only have dull pain. Oh yes, if I have to have pain I can certainly live with this pain for sure! I pray to God it stays a dull pain for the rest of my life. ") I do have my days where the pain is overwhelming, but again, I can live with it. ") Sherry hon, I pray all is well with you and you're smiling that beautiful smile I know you have. ") Hugs and love, ~Chrissie xo's

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