Angie is doing well after her surgery

Wed Jul 17 13:27:08 2002

Hi to all my sweets, ") I received an email from Angie ( She's doing well and recouping from her surgery. This was her 14th surgery!! She has a mid-line incision because her adhesions were so high up near her left rib cage and on her left side. The doctor told her the adhesions were bad and they once again had some nerve ending in trapped - that was the reason for her back, leg, and urinary pain. Angie is home now recovering from her surgery and doing well. She does have some burning sensation on her incision, but so far, so good. Please join me in prayer that Angie fully recovers with no more devil pain for the rest of her life. That this be her last surgery. Thank you everyone, love to all and big mushy wet kisses, ~Chrissie xo's

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