Brenda - Depression

Wed Jul 17 13:01:18 2002

Hi Sweet Brenda, ") I'm sorry you're depressed with all this crappola of pain and trying to deal with it, it's normal to be depressed, you have every reason to be depressed. I've been on Celexa for my depression for years. I was first put on Prozac then I switched to Celexa - it seemed the Prozac just didn't cut it with me. I'm praying that the depression medication you're using works well for you. Please don't think any less of yourself for being depressed honey. Again, with all the devil pain you have to deal with is enough to depress anyone. We're all here for you honey. Helen C. started reaching out with her hand to pull me up and it helped.......others reached out with their hands as's my hand reaching to your hand, please grab a hold and I'll pull you up. ") Love and hugs, ~Chrissie xo's

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